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October 16th, 2013 | Posted by Irene in Essays


Pisa1Tower Angle, photo and all text ©Irene O’Garden 2013

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You know her, but do you know her from this angle? Fine-boned, luminous, pearly-white, she rises from the vivid green in the company of well-proportioned alabaster relatives.

From this angle, we enter and climb this narrowstepped, carefully-restored marble privilege. Feel the tower’s kinesthetic truth in the angle of our ankles, our limbs teetering out, then in, our tilting spines spiraling up the dim cramped stairway like passing through the tight and curling body of a dark seashell until we dizzily emerge into the blinding blue air at the top.

From this angle, terracotta roofs lead the eye like flagstones to the brushy olive hills and the iris-blue Appenines. Who knew she was so beautifully sited?

There’s a definite jolt of pleasure in seeing a famous landmark (or a person) from the angle you expect. Even if a pizza box trained you.

But we live in a world of three dimensions, a world of innumerable angles.

Let’s look around, above, beneath, behind the flat screens in our hands and our minds. Let’s play with a few acute and obtuse angles before we declare the “right” angle. Sometimes the rightest angle is several degrees from plumb. So Pisa teaches.


Finding a new angle lately?


Had a wonderful time at the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival. Frank Becerra of the Journal News took this great shot!


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  • Scott

    I treasure seeing the famous tower from the bottom up. Without this picture, I never would have been able to appreciate it as I did this morning via this view. For the rest of my day, I will be looking beyond the pizza boxes of my world view and finding some new angles. And who is that magic lady at the Cappaqua Children’s Book Festival holding up the wonderful FOREST, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE? The trees must be so happy.

  • mark r

    love the photo! always fetching in a hat!…. more and more impressed by your photography…. its all about p.o.v. and personal perspective …. important point of your post :the value of travel/ the education it provided and. your point regarding acknowledgement of the real as opposed to the virtual word…your fresh perspective always appreciated !

  • Vay David

    Such poetry even in prose!

  • giom

    …turn it around…just turn it…around…:-)

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