Balancing Act: A Writer Wednesday Post

March 20th, 2013 | Posted by Irene in Essays

Eggquinox, all photos & text © Irene O’Garden 2013

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Equinox. Light balances the dark today. Eggs balance on their oval ends.

Soon the massive green scroll will unroll over the black and white landscape. Colors will breed in irresistible bursts. Windows will rise; our hive will grow social. But for now, inner self and outer self equilibrate. One sits, one acts.

Which is more important, inner or outer?

I’ve continued the meditation practice I reinvigorated in January. (Since I am called outward a good deal, my intuition prompted me to go inward to maintain my balance.)  Watching thoughts fountain up in meditation is a bit like checking a Twitterstream or Facebook feed.  As thoughts flash naturally in our personal psyche, similar groups of reflections, questions, images, and amusements flash through the public psyche at this funny new intersection of public and private: social media.

Like thoughts, one can lose oneself in social media. But like thoughts, one can choose what to ignore, what to retain, what to share. And one stream often reflects the other. For instance, I’m seeing more about meditation these days in the culture at large, and in friends teaching mindfulness to children. ( Among them, Zoe Sameth in California has a great relaxation CD.)

Which is more important, public or private?


Is this



less important than this?




Some things are showier than others. Public can be showier than private. Spring is showier than winter. Blossoms are showier than bulbs. But all are necessary aspects of larger truths—the truth of human beings, the truth of the seasonal year, the truth of the flower. The truth of the whole. The metronome holding the motion.

In this enlightening of the year, may you enjoy an outward spring gratifying to your senses,  an inward spring deeply refreshing to your spirit, and a profound renewal of your whole self.


Is something awakening in you?

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  • Linda O’Brien

    Sedona while the wild flowers bloom – majestic!

    • A sight I hope to see someday, Linda!

  • Yes … love awakens … for writer and thoughts and spring.

    • Spring has such beauty under your hand, my dear!

  • Mana

    I needed to read these beautiful words today. Thank you, Irene!

    • Thanks, Mana–you are always such a bouquet yourself–

  • Jorie

    Irene–a splendid springing! I will send this along to my private public… i love recognizing the blooms, both literal and figurative…spring on!

    • Dear One, thank you! You sprung us off to a good start the other night!

  • mark r

    spring has spring

    the grass has ris

    i wonder where the flowers is

    re: Spring vs. Winter ….There is a part of me trying NOT to complain —- about anything …. to accept….. the ” good” with the “bad” — aware that ” BAD” things often sow the beauty of

    ” good ” things … and sometimes ” good” intentions go awry and result in ” bad ” results. The idea being its all in the PERSONAL response/ perception to ” GOOD AND BAD” …. and yet, a common human yearning,at least from my view, is the yearning for winter to exit and spring to return. … I’m thinking it’s the reminder of the idea that what we often percieve as ” DEAD” can be reborn in “spring” — physically and spiritually. But, DAMN, my visceral reaction seems to always be gladness at watching Winter leave and Spring return… its’ a bias I don’t seem to be able to change.

    • Dear Mark–reading your reply immediately prompted this thought: We should never damn our viscera no matter how they react!
      Thanks for sending along the old rhyme–my mother loved it–

  • Ann Homan

    I listened to this after running an intense training session tihis morning (actors playing a very sick and poor 75 year old) , knowing the tasks continues to pile up on my work desk while the todo’s of scary undone tasks to settle my mother’s estate reveal themselves. After hearing it, I took the first truly deep breath in weeks! Thank you, my dear!!

    • IreneOGarden

      It is so meaningful to me when words I’ve assembled have this kind of effect–Thanks so much for letting me know, Ann. I hope things have settled a bit–

  • giom…on the punta…

    … I enjoy your words this morning and the middle sea’s refolding after a strenuous winter…as we say here…grazzi hafna…

  • M. King

    Winters still here but Spring’s coming, I’m starting it in my mind!!

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