Broken Just So: A Writer Wednesday Post

October 30th, 2013 | Posted by Irene in Essays


BrokenBroken Just So, photo and all text © Irene O’Garden, 2013

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Sad events happened this week, not so much to me directly, but in the lives of people close to people close to me. Business disappointments, unexpected hospitalizations and the untimely passing of a young mother here in our community darkened many hearts.

What do we make of such pains, such losses? The vase above came to mind.

It belonged to my mother, and is an object whose form I have ever loved. Earlier this year it broke.

As you can see, it did not shatter, but broke just so. It will never hold water and a live bouquet again. Yet I could not bring myself to throw it out. I kept it in my studio with the broken places turned from view.

This morning I was inspired to take a little fixture and refrain from cursing the darkness, so to speak.


Light Illumination, photo © Irene O’Garden, 2013


Had the break not been just so, this beauty would not be possible. But neither would it be possible had the break never happened.

Let us hope that in those times life breaks our hearts, they break just so. To let our light shine forth.



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  • Vay David

    I do feel illuminated, though I, too, will miss that vase as vase. Transformation is a wonder.

    • IreneOGarden

      Thanks for filling it so beautifully for so long…

  • giom

    …it is only through the breaks in our vessels that light pours…thank you muse for your beautiful musings…

    • IreneOGarden

      Thanks, my friend–

  • mark r

    Omg! It is truly beautiful —- not only translucent with light and energy but now transcendent . Your piece today makes me also think of the materials —how they were formed over the millennium, its removal from its original placement here on earth, the transportation to the business where it was made ( all the drivers, or boats or trains and people involved in that), The workers that were instrumental in its ultimate transformation/ shape, its transportation to the shop in which your mother purchased it ( or was it purchased as a gift in her behalf? If so, the story as to how the gift givers arrived at the checkout to purchase it, the occasion ofor its purpose, its “rivals” being considered foropurchase …..) …. the arrival and presentation to your mother… the many conversations and events it sat as silent witness in your childhood home….. its journey to your home …. the actual moment it was injured and broken…. and finally to its current glory —- having served as incidental vessel for beautiful flowers, now, allowed to let the beauty of its own being shine through — singly, on its own merit and beauty. Irene, you are amazing in your ability to transform the broken into the beautiful — in so many ways/ aspects of your life and others…. such a spiritual accomplishment !

    • IreneOGarden

      What a wondrous bit of time travel! Thank you, Mark–

  • Scott

    I see by the light of your mother’s broken vase that when we are breaking – if we are CAREful, perhaps a new kind of beauty will emerge. The break remains – but it becomes a vessel for new light.

    • IreneOGarden

      Thanks, my caring, CAREful friend–

  • Angela Sparks

    It’s a lovely example of finding something positive within a perceived negative. And beautifully photographed!

    • Thanks so much, Angela!

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