Sprucing Up: A Writer Wednesday Post

June 5th, 2013 | Posted by Irene in Essays


 Shadowmask, photo & all text © Irene O’Garden, 2013

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Sprucing up for a charity garden tour this weekend. Projects postponed resurrect with the peonies. Workers are buzzing about like our prancing polka-dot terrier Bee. Electricians hardwire outdoor fixtures we sought for 15 years; handyfolk screw shiny new black strap-hinges on potting-shed doors.  Planting, pruning, mulching.  A sand, a prime, a coat of paint.  In between specs and requests, I must gently disincline the finches from nesting in the awning, coax two panicked Carolina wrens out of my kitchen, answer the jingling phone, email my husband the file he needs in LA. Can I really post this week?

Yes, for the arresting, quiet moment yesterday morning.

While our second floor windows have shutters, for reasons unknown our first floor never did.  Sprucing up called for them. Up they went Monday. Yesterday, coffee mug warming my knuckles, I stepped out the door into sunrise at play.




 Shadow-moebas, photo & all text © Irene O’Garden 2013

Just a simple morning image, just another mask dawn dons, these multiplying shadow-moebas, this smattering of scattered shadows flattering the wall and shutters. But the eye never tires of light’s unceasing joy in expressing herself.

The sun greets our wall every morning, but sprucing up makes us sit up and take notice.


Incidentally, thinking about light this week, my husband told me scientists are hard at work trying to create travel that’s faster than light. I think it’s a great idea, except it will always be dark when you get there…



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  • grandpablito

    Lovely. Please keep me blit posted –

    • IreneOGarden

      Will do–so happy to have you join us, grandpablito!

  • soli


    • IreneOGarden

      Thanks, Soli–you’ve been putting beauty out in the world yourself!

  • mark r

    I flipped when I saw the photo…. its a beautiful abstract… Now we need a show of Irene O’ Gardens photography…. love it! LOVE IT LOVE IT.

    Love the issue of light … I ve been following the female scientist in this brief article. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=99111&page=1#.Ua-p9mDD9tQ There is a WNYU documentary on how she and her team, despite being essentially laughed at by the scientific community, managed to slow the speed of light to 38 mph…. the idea being that if light slows to this level, information can be attached to the beam , and then it returns to its original speed of light/ pace…. These “stations” (where it can be slowed down AND INFORMATION CAN BE ATTACHED) are basically like a telegraph i.e the light beam is slowed in say NYC … information is attached to the slowed beam… the beam returns to its’ “SPEED OF LIGHT” … it reaches, say Sydney Australia in that nano second… the information is slowed and retrieved ….
    That’s a really ELEMENTARY explanation … if you stop the light, attach info, then return to full speed and then begin the process over exponentially it has amazing possibilities for computing/ statistical analysis/ solving problems ( AMONG OTHER THINGS) in a fraction of the time current computers could accomplish the task … I LOVE THIS FORUM!

    • IreneOGarden

      Interesting link, Mark–thanks! I do like the idea of playing with the speed of frequencies–(of course once a week is all I can get up to here!)

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