Un Petit Hommage: A Writer Wednesday Post

October 9th, 2013 | Posted by Irene in Essays | News | Publication News

Chez CezChez Paul, iPad Art and all text ⓒIrene O’Garden

Alas, a cold prevents a decent recording of today’s post.


Another “postcard” from our trip:

One of the pleasures of travel is the unplanned stop.

We set sail from Gaudi’s Barcelona on a ten-day Mediterranean cruise. First port: Marseilles, where we boarded a tour bus to Aix-en-Provence for history, fragrance and Platonically-ideal strawberries.  Here, life itself waxes poetic.

But the grand surprise was when our tour guide said “It’s closed, but we’ll pass Paul Cézanne’s house. Shall we stop?”

Cézanne. After seeing an exhibit of his work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I found my face wet with tears. For me he conveys not just how things look, but how they are. A vigorous sense of love and companionship in physicality.  And of course, sheer beauty.

“Yes!” we all replied, and shortly thereafter found ourselves gazing down this allée.

I want to share what I felt that gleaming morning at the home of the master. Cézanne, however, resists words. The photo I snapped wouldn’t do. This sketch is my humble attempt.


Have you ever visited the home of one of your icons?



Poetry trail





If you are near Cornwall, New York this Saturday from 4-6, I’ll be opening up a new Poetry Trail at the beautiful Hudson Highlands Nature Museum. Please join us for the delight of children’s nature poetry, and the delight of children delighting in their poetry!




A Slant Of Light

Also, I’m proud to be part of “A Slant of Light,” a brand new anthology of Hudson Valley contemporary women writers. There are readings throughout the Hudson Valley and I am glad to be part of the 7 pm November 1st reading at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck. Please stop by!

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  • tracy

    Have I ever visited the home of one of my icons? Yes, yours.

    • IreneOGarden

      Aw, shucks!

  • Katy

    Not exactly…..but one month ago my face was wet with tears as I crossed Abbey Road in London. Sometimes we get to fulfill a dream. Katy

    • IreneOGarden

      How wonderful! Abbey Road was home to so much–glad you got there, Katy!

  • ZarkWriting

    I just think he would have adored you and you both would have had so much to talk about!

    • IreneOGarden

      Bless your heart, dear heart–

  • Debra Griner

    Thanks for the sweet trip to Paris before bed! Love thinking about you and Cezanne…

    • IreneOGarden

      Thanks, Cookie!

  • Scott

    Think of what O’Garden could teach Cezanne about the IPAD! In O’Garden’s case, she is so more articulate with her own artwork than could any postcard from the Cezanne gift shop be. My most recent visit to an icons house was a few years ago when I went uptown to see Alexander Hamilton’s house. Unfortunately, the house is not in its original landscape – but still it is amazing to walk the same staircase that Hamilton walked.

    • IreneOGarden

      Amazing–I had no idea it was there and open to view–glad you got there!

  • giom

    I agree…wholeheartedly…with what was already said…goodness…goodness…I did stop by shelley’s flat near the spanish steps one afternoon…and just lingered in his presence…hope you continue to enjoy the life on the middle sea…

    • IreneOGarden

      Fantastic! Shelley! An inspiration to us all–(as are you!)

  • Jorie

    Oh, Irene, how delightful your image is! I was so lucky to get to go into Cezanne’s house several years ago…they still keep oranges on the window sills! I hope you get to go in next time, but you brought us all there this time!!

    • IreneOGarden

      Oh I do hope to get in sometime, but am so happy you did! And that you were painting here while I was there!

  • Jo

    Yes! I’ve visited many homes of my writer icons, especially those near Boston: HW Longfellow, Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne. We missed you at the Butterfield Library’s Slant of Light reading but hope in Rhinebeck you’ll enjoy hearing the work of my friends Christine and Bobbi; they’re great. I’ll be reading with contributors at 7pm on October 23 at the East Fishkill Library. Come join us!

    • IreneOGarden

      Marvelous, Jo. I’ve been to those too and find them, dare I say, Transcendent?! I hope t make it next Wed if my post is done in time!

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