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July 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Irene in Poetry | Uncategorized


MorningShadow Morning, photo & all text © Irene O’Garden, 2014

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I am procuring and organizing equipment for next Saturday’s departure to Montana where I will join several family members for a week’s journey in the wilderness. I will be out of all techno-range for the duration and wanted to let you know I won’t be posting next week. But I certainly look forward to sharing with you when I get back. Meanwhile, here’s a poem newly-hatched for you.




I wished for a day made of mornings:

its tissues of night dissolving,

world slipping over my head anew

in easy long-sleeved shadows:


a day repeatedly arrayed

in crisp unwrinkled promise.

As it grew limp, or sullied

or scorched, I pulled a fresh start

from the closet again and again—

pristine for each task, for each practice.


But seeing what I sacrificed

for the sake of enterprise:

the slanting satin afternoon,

the tulle of twilight, the silk-bodied moon-

I cast off my wish and dance,

wrapped in the aprons of time.


































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  • Scott

    The promise of morning is so spectacular and often I find it’s slipped away before the promise has been fulfilled. So, as you say, I’ll make the most of my afternoons and save some energy for dancing into the night.

    • IreneOGarden

      Thanks, Scott! Always happy to think of you dancing!

  • Laura

    One of your many astonishing lines, like minutes of the day, it is hard to choose a favorite-” or ” the tissues of night dissolving”, “the tulle of evening”? I look, I read again and decide-somehow Irene has written a poem in which every line is a “favorite” They don’t compete- they complement

  • Mark Rettman

    wow… one of my favorite pieces you have written — and there are many ! I love to read, then hear your reading of this piece xoxox mark

    • IreneOGarden

      You warm my heart!

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