Gone Reading: a (tiny) Writer Wednesday Post

May 15th, 2013 | Posted by Irene in Uncategorized



I had this week’s post inwardly bubbling and then this marvelous gift arrived:

The signature


An advance copy of The Signature of All Things, the new novel by my dear friend Elizabeth Gilbert, to be published this fall.

Sure, I wanted to write my post, polish and craft it,  record it and upload it, but I started this wonderful book last night and all I want to do is to sit and read it.

No doubt you occasionally feel this way yourself–so I offer you an image you may feel free to print up and post wherever and whenever you like:

Gone reading


I’ll happily entertain any comments this week–like what books made you want to drop everything and read–but I can’t answer them until I’ve finished this book!

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  • LOVE IT! Wish I had more time for reading. I heard Elizabeth Gilbert on Radio Lab several months ago, I use her technique of talking to her inspiration, telling it to just wait and she’ll be with it often. Thanks for sharing, Irene!

  • Scott

    Oh YES!! Let us go reading! Though I miss your words this week, I know that you are getting a writer’s charge from your friend. Happy reading! (I just finished a guilty pleasure myself: H. G. Wells’ Journey to the Center of the Earth. What a fun trip!)

  • Karen Beckwith

    Irene this sign is marketable….the door message for the rest of us un-fishermen! Happy reading on a cold and rainy afternoon, perfection.

  • What a great sign, but I am sure that if we all hung this on our front doors, that people would still ring the bell thinking you didn’t mean them, the grandkids would KNOW you didn’t mean them, and the UPS/Fed EX guy would still want a signature. But it might be worth trying out. So cute.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • mark rettman

    Dear Irene,
    You have ushered in so much joy and insight and poignant beauty into this world through your poetry, art, playwriting and, simply, Being. (OR AS YOU MIGHT appreciate, “Being Simply”) … its ok to let the world entertain and enliven and care for you as well….. which you reassert here in a lovely reminder.

    Books are like songs — impossible to pick a favorite with so many genres and styles/ perspectives….. Just re-read for the third time ” So Long, See You Tomorrow” by William Maxwell…. Often described as a “sad” tale I find its VOICE quietly mysterious in its unfolding— a reminder that redemption is an inside job / if we are to forgive others forgiveness begins with oneself . Otherwise, the unresolved may impinge upon the joy of the ever present moment / Guilt trips are not my favorite vacation/and this book is one souls trip to a destination free of that guilty trip and the baggage/ finally gets dropped at the curb.
    Love it. (Seriously, I’m in love with the book.)

  • The Book Jam

    Thank you for the image. We used it on the Book Jam – a bi-weekly blog to help readers find the perfect book that also helps independent booksellers – earlier today. It was perfect for our post of great summer reads for adults. Lisa and Lisa

    • IreneOGarden

      Thanks, Lisa and Lisa! I’ve been in the wilds of Montana and did not get this until now, but am tickled to be part of your blog!

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