Love Drops: A Writer Wednesday Post

September 10th, 2014 | Posted by Irene in Uncategorized

I am traveling again this week,  so I wanted to prepare my post ahead of time.  A few sentences in, however, the phone rang.  At a glance I knew two beloved voices and a birthday were involved at the other end. Though it was my only writing window, the meaningful action was clear, so I answered the phone and shared a warm conversation.

After I hung up, the following phrase charged into my head, and I was moved to take the rest of my writing time to letter it instead–

Love Drops


May love drop many whats for you this week–

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  • Scott

    Gum drops, rain drops, and love drops are keeping me happy and hydrated. These love drop letters are dancing in my head. No need for an umbrella here.

    • IreneOGarden

      Happy to hear it, Fella!

  • Karen Beckwith

    Oh Irene I love this mail drop!

    • IreneOGarden

      Thanks, dearie!

  • Laura

    Love the all purpose warm wishes- You are so kind even on the run

    • IreneOGarden

      More than welcome, dear Laura–they keep getting passed to me–

  • Ann Homan

    Thanks for this!

    • IreneOGarden

      Thanks dear Ann–One of our stops was Philly, where we certainly missed you and Rick!

  • Debra Griner

    Head to the sky, mouth open wide! Thanks, Irene.

    • IreneOGarden

      You pass smiles around, Debra!

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