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New Word For Blog: A Writer Wednesday Post

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of my weekly post. Thank you all for encouraging these weekly verbals and visuals–creating them for you has been my ongoing challenge and my pleasure. In return I would like to offer you two new

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A Bulb of Meaning: A Writer Wednesday Post

An old friend and I spoke of meaning yesterday. An event like the one in Boston begets questions: Why? What does it mean? Is there even such a thing as meaning anymore? Did those responsible grow up without a sense

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Self As Brand: A Writer Wednesday Post

How odd, this phrase we’re reading everywhere: Self as Brand. From self as Soul, self as Citizen, even self as Consumer, to self as Thing To Market? Self as purposeful manufactured Product, publicly traded? What to sell is an ancient

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Balancing Act: A Writer Wednesday Post

Equinox. Light balances the dark today. Eggs balance on their oval ends. Soon the massive green scroll will unroll over the black and white landscape. Colors will breed in irresistible bursts. Windows will rise; our hive will grow social. But for

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Pushcart Prize Cover

I’ve won a Pushcart Prize!

I’m very pleased to say that my essay “Glad To Be Human,” published in the “Tusculum Review“, has won a Pushcart Prize. According to their website, The Pushcart Prize – Best of the Small Presses series, published every year since 1976, is

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Forest, What Would You Like

A $116.00 Laugh and a Giveaway

GIVEAWAY–10 BOOKS! ENTER TO WIN! A brief post this week, as things are bookishly accelerating in preparation for the launch of “Forest, What Would You Like?” I am pleased to say that Holiday House, our publisher (the oldest house in

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Wording the Wordless: A Writer Wednesday Post

WonderTrail, photos & all text © Irene O’Garden 2013 How often we seek words for the wordless. There is so much wordlessness in our universe I sometimes feel like the miller’s daughter in Rumplestiltskin: “Spin this impossible heap of straw

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Published When I Was Not Looking: A Writer Wednesday Post

While I’d planned to offer you a touchy-feely-back-in-the-saddle-after-my-retreat-post, I got a surprise a week ago. My regular readers know I conduct poetry workshops for local schoolchildren through the regional River Of Words program sponsored by the Hudson Highlands Land Trust.

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A Change In Context: A Writer Wednesday Post

Glad To Be Human update–thanks for your patient understanding while the publisher works out yet more details–I am as eager as you–  Another brief reflection on wabi-sabi this week, the highly useful Japanese aesthetic concept of finding beauty in the

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How Precious Is Attention: A Writer Wednesday Post

I had already planned to offer thanks this week for you, my readers, and the gift of your attention. Today, an untoward experience gave me even deeper appreciation. In anticipation of my forthcoming e-version of Glad To Be Human, well-meaning

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Vagaries: A Writer Wednesday Post

Thanks to the vagaries of my upcoming e-launch, I must forego a more artful and reflective post this week. (as well as my sound file) Please accept these newsy little vagaries instead: *** Those who know me know I am

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