SkyStreak, photo, poem and all text © Irene O’Garden 2013


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The Horse, Us

Hoofprints in my fledgling heart embossed.

Prancing crazily down Pennsylvania Avenue:

the barely-restrained emblem of all gone wrong.


The horse, us. Our rider tossed.

The boots reversed. Turmoil

unbridled. Vigor entombed.


Is childhood always quite so roughly lost?

The Earthrise of emotion has her cost.


Fifty years ago this week, I and many others felt a new, simultaneous public awareness: feelings link us not only to those we know, but to people everywhere. The collapse of grief across the nation and the world, and the broadcast of it united us like the picture of Earth from space a few years later.

Today’s children take this awareness in stride, which is the pearl at the heart of this sorrow. And with global communication and broadcasting  literally at our fingertips, amazing expressions of healing abound.

One is taking place in Dallas just now. For the Dallas Love Project,  Pulitzer-prize winning illustrator Karen Blessen called for and gathered thirty thousand pieces of art. In a temporary installation, she and other volunteers have placed them along the motorcade route and throughout the city. Remarkable what inspiration and communication now create.


Publication News:  Am delighted to share the news that A Slant Of Light, the anthology of Contemporary Hudson Valley Women Writers has been awarded The USA BOOK NEWS 2013 Best Anthology:Fiction. I’m extremely proud to be part of this book!A Slant Of Light


LiveBlessingElemental Sentiment, photo, lettering and text © Irene O’Garden 2013

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Mercury is now in retrograde. According to star folk, it’s a good time to be flexible, since travel, computers, plans and communications can veer a bit awry. Intuition is high, extraordinary coincidences may surface and you may bump into long-lost friends. Not that I’m hook, line and sinker into this, but I did run into long-time-no-see-Susanna on Monday, and three friends are now messing with glitchy technology.

It’s a propitious period to review projects and plans (though not finalize them) and to reflect on the past. Good time for files and old notebooks, I thought. While shelving them in my new studio, I found this old piece of calligraphy. It propelled me past my own past, through our human past, and slid me right down the banister of evolution into the great biological soup some say bubbled into cellular life. (Which has as lovely a mythological timbre to me as Mercury in retrograde.)

For me, mythology is truth too big to fit inside the facts. Just as life is more than bodies. Just as the elemental sentiment above is known beyond us, known by all our cellular relatives. Including the dear old plant who asked to illuminate the border. She’s blessed my blessed life for forty years.

Have you been reflecting lately?

Im happy to say I will be joining other readers for the A Slant of Light reading at the East Fishkill Library tonight, Wednesday Oct 23 from 7-8. I’m pleased my poem “What You Will Believe” is included in this marvelous anthology of Hudson Valley Women Writers.A Slant Of Light

If you are unable to make tonight, I will also be at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY for their reading on Friday the first of November also at 7. Hope to see you there! If not, you can order the book now from this fine independent bookstore.

Gaudi eyeDivine Eye, photo and all text © Irene O’Garden, 2013

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Greetings, dear friends. I missed you in September, yet felt you at my side pointing out things and asking questions during our three-week spirit-quenching sojourn in Mediterranea—

While I’m not sure how much of the trip I’ll share here, or even what wants to be worded or painted,  this image feels like its emblem.

Sagrada Familia is the colorful, starry-pinnacled, unfinished basilica whose towers grace many a Barcelona guidebook.  It was designed by Antoni Gaudi, and the photos I’d seen made me think his work quirky. Novel, but arbitrary.  Travel throws my ignorance in high relief, and thereby grows my soul.

The exterior is indeed colorful, syncopated, idiosyncratic, but for now, step out of the hot Spanish noon through the massive bronze doors into cool dim, which in a moment opens on a silver grove dappled with light: golden and white and the rotating wheel of the spectrum.

You are in a spiritual translation of a forest. In this shapely generous space, stone trunks rise, twist, branch, uphold a curved and jagged honeycomb of sky. At one end, through Gaudi’s mastery of mathematics, construction, light, design, and materials, saturated in his love of his work, of nature and of his divine “Client,” he translates the sun for us. It becomes the very Eye of God, and unlike our sun, we can look into it.

Free of cliché, of visual dogma. “This interior gives me faith in the future of human spirituality, “I whispered to John. Fresh, harmonic, flexible. Room for souls to grow.

Gaudi began work on the basilica 1883 and completed but a quarter of his design in his lifetime. He was at peace.  “My client is not in a hurry, “ he said.  Work continues, and according to today’s Huffington Post, plans are to complete it by 2026, the centennial of the architect’s death.



Omission Resolved!

Apparently the file I recorded of My Shadow (as requested by more than one reader) malfunctioned. Here is is again for My Shadow fans!

My Shadow


The Lit Biz

Busy times ahead—this Saturday, October 5, I am proud to be part of the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival with the gifted artist/illustrator Pat Schories. 2pm Sunday, I’ll joyfully be at the Gardiner, New York Library, where Carol Montana is producing a reading of my Off-Broadway play Women On Fire. Q and A will follow. Please join me if you are in either neighborhood! News next week about a wonderful print anthology in which I am delighted to be included.



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