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Ann says:

“I am glad to be human because being human allows me to try to help at least one person every day, and “enjoy the passage of time”. I don’t always get there but it’s the “trying” that satisfies my “search for meaning” and belief in the good in humanity.”

Livia says:

“I am glad to be human because I can speak for things that have no voice, I can experience memories and friendships, and I can be a part of protecting our earth.”

Hailey says:

I’m glad to be human because being human is like living  your own adventure story and you get to choose the way you want the story to go, start, and end.

Abigail says:

“I am glad to be human because of everything including my family and my friends. There is so much to live for!”

Stella says:

“I like being able to explore our world!”

Fionn says:

“I am glad to be human because… I am excited to learn, grow, love, and experience all of the wonders that life has to offer.”

Rudy says:

“I am glad to be human because I have the chance to pursue anything.”

Annabel from New York says:

“Every time I break, I heal. And every single time I am stronger and more peaceful.”

Erin from Minnesota says:

“I can appreciate poetry and puns, wordplay and etymology and tracing trains of thought. I care to know what brings others joy. And I am glad to be my particular kind of human because I also like to know what rocks and trees and rain and birds and wild creatures have to say, so I listen.”

Kathy says:

“I’m glad to be human because I get to be grateful. And gratitude feeds wonder. And to wonder, to love.”

Anne Marie says:

“I am glad to have the job I do which affiliates me with gifted and talented people. And I have other gratefulnesses, like the sound of my 5-month-old granddaughter laughing and watching my son loving his new daughter so much.”

Jackson says:

“Standing on a street corner, wrapping my arms around my sweetheart and watching the sun set through a kaleidoscope of color changing clouds; makes me glad to be human.”

Karen says:

“Glad to be human because . . . at times I choose to connect to love – and grateful for having a tank full of love. Love is a HUMAN choice, and we get to choose it (or not) every day.

Come to think of it: To CHOOSE anything may be the most human of experiences, if we’re lucky – to have a choice and exercise it.”

Jackie says:

“Planning and enjoying the anticipation of the plan’s results.”

Chris says:

“Accomplishing something that makes things a little better.”

Ivan says:

“Because I can understand that no matter what we think about how we are much more superior than all other species, we are not.”

Scott says:

“Catching the sunrise makes me glad to be human.”

Hannah says:

“It’s the visible joy on a baby’s face when he sees something funny; Dad’s baseball hat, the dog, or a ceiling fan – it’s the purest happiness I’ve ever witnessed!”

Sue says:

“It’s 10pm and I’m sitting outside in the dark listening to the breeze blowing through the palm fronds. They sound like gentle rain drops. Solitude that comes with the dark gives me time to reflect on how glad I am to be human and to be thankful for all the gifts that feeling brings.”

Jenna says:

“Being able to know all the wonderful people I’ve been privileged to meet.”

Kurt says:

“I’m glad to be human because more will be revealed, and I want to be there.”

Mike says:

“Glad to be human when other humans speak and I learn . . . .”

Kenneth says:

“So I can love and be loved by other human beings. “

Linda says:

“The opportunity to have variety.”

Ray says:

“Free will.”

Claudio says:

“The fact that I can wholly and totally appreciate the beauty of a sunset.”

Orion says:

“Sunday mornings on under hazy, muted sundogs, watching the swallows build their nests of mud.”

Robin from Washington State says:

“I get to dig in the dirt. Participating in the magic of the life cycle from seed to harvest is an ever evolving blessing.”

Alexandra says:

“I’m glad to be human . . . because of sunrises . . . hot coffee in my favorite sky blue mug . . . singing country-western songs with my mom while she plays the ukulele . . . magicians and card tricks which never fail to astound me . . . because of broken hearts that mend and become even stronger . . .  and because every day is a chance to begin again.”

Molly says:

“I’m glad to be human, to feel all 10 barefoot toes walk, skip and dance in the rain.”

Marjorie says:

“I’m glad to be human . . . because I get to read . . . (Glad to Be Human for one!) . . . and write . . . and draw and paint and sing and dance and laugh. There are other creatures who have been known to do some of those things, but only humans get to do all of those, for each other of for ourselves whenever we wish!”

Imogene says:

“I can use all my senses–smell cool spring air after the rain, taste warm banana bread, hear peepers in the pond, feel heat from the fire, touch and hold my father’s hand as he lays dying, and see the baby owlet fledging–to spark a sense of wonder at being alive.”

Mary says:

“Glad to be human and bask in the glory of nature.”

Robin from Florida says:

“Our drive for kindness and compassion. Generally, people want happiness for others and will adapt themselves to make things better.”

Mark says:

“My humanity is nothing without the mirror of your soul before me . . . It is within the reflection of others that I see the potential of my Human being.”

Angelina says:

“I’m glad to be human because i can experience all the mystical beauty of spring: tree leaves gradually growing in; buds blossoming; birds flirting; forsythia and daffodils, yellow is the first color of spring in Garrison; next the cherry blossoms; apple blossoms and tulips, ahhh the tulips; and the lilacs. it is pure heaven and makes me so glad to be human. i’m ever grateful to fully experience Spring for the first time in my life!”

Jim says:

“My life centers around “Gratitude” every day. My grandchildren; children; siblings (including in laws); house of worship; friends and being able to serve.”

Kim from Oregon says:

“I’m glad to be human because from start to finish humans have the potential to change the course of their lives and choose a new direction or to stay the course and explore it in greater depth. Or not. Either way that potential always exists.”

Ed says:

“I’m glad to be human so I can read and write.”

“I’m glad to be human because it beats being a single cell organism.”

Richard says:

“I’m glad to be human so I can have conversations.”

“I’m glad to be human so I can sing and listen to music.”

Brenda says:

“I am a gardener who lacks time for full devotion to that art but when I am walking down the stairs outside and catch a glimpse of a new and unexpected blossoming, I find that I am glad to be human. “

Rick says:

“Watching my son (via FaceTime), caring for and playing with his 5 month old daughter makes me glad to be human.”

Vay says:

“I’m glad to be human because I love and am loved by other humans. “

Ann says:

“I’m glad to be human because to be human means to be born, granted, instilled, with the great gift of curiosity.  Robert Louis Stevenson put it in a way that spoke to me as a child, and has stayed with me since:

‘The world is so full of a number of things
I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.’

Follow where curiosity leads you, that is where a great deal of happiness lies.”

James says:

“I’m glad to be human for I get to experience the existence of others and the blending of my life with them.”

Sheila says:

“I’m glad there’s no species higher on the intelligence scale to mess with me and endanger my habitat.”

Thomas says:

“I am glad to be able to dream. More specifically to have the dreams that sleep brings. The human capacity to re imagine, re hash, re generate through non sensical, non linear scraps of color , fragments of sound and cameo appearances allows for a kind of travel through a world I don’t navigate while enriching the one I do.”

John from New York says:

“Because of the human I’m married to.”

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