New Word For Blog: A Writer Wednesday Post

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of my weekly post. Thank you all for encouraging these weekly verbals and visuals–creating them for you has been my ongoing challenge and my pleasure.

In return I would like to offer you two new words. The first I spontaneously created when a waiter poured a slightly more generous glass of wine for my husband than for me. It would have been but a passing evening’s comment had we not subsequently noticed that it happens with some regularity, which consequently popped it into our working vocabulary. I call it the “man-pour.” (The man does not always receive the man-pour, but more often than not.)  Keep your eyes peeled. Should it arise in your experience, you now have a term for it.

The other is a new word for online creative writers who hate the word “blog.” I’m one. It sounds nauseating, messy, blobby, foggy, bloppy, muggy, blah blah blah. “Blogger” sounds like jogger, a casual athlete. What about writers who aspire to creating more than a “web-log”? (from whence cometh “blog.”) Who believe that every word counts, that every reading eye and listening ear deserves the honey it is seeking?

I delayed starting a blog because I hated the word (silly, but there you have it.) I finally cried uncle, but kept wanting a better way to describe my hope for this form. When I realized some of us want to create “web-literature, ” a word occurred. I offer “blit” as an alternative to “blog.” It comes with friends: bliterature and bliterary. (While some of my  posts are more bliterary than others, the intention is always there.) And those of us who create it and appreciate it are the bliterati. Thank you for being part of the bliterati!

Watch for an Untreed Reads Mother’s Day Special for Glad To Be Human!


What do you think? Does the word “blit” and its friends  suit you?

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