Vagaries: A Writer Wednesday Post

November 7th, 2012 | Posted by Irene in News

Thanks to the vagaries of my upcoming e-launch, I must forego a more artful and reflective post this week. (as well as my sound file) Please accept these newsy little vagaries instead:


Those who know me know I am a poetical, not a political animal. But I do know how to spell relief, and am glad it has been spelled for so many of us today.


Architecture proceeds apace for the Thanksgiving launch of my e-essay, Glad To Be Human. There’s widening interest in an interactive site where people can share their own reasons, so I am at work on this even as we speak. By the time we launch you should be able to upload a word, a story or an image that makes you Glad To Be Human. As you think about it this week, I trust you will discover much to share.

I am grateful for beautiful endorsements from one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love and Committed)  and the amazingly talented Janet Pierson, producer of Austin’s hot indie SXSW Film Conference & Festival. You’ll see these next week, as well as plans for a Glad To Be Human Anthology, when the new GTBH page is available here on my website.


For all who have been clamoring to know The Fate of the Quizzical Squash I present the following exceedingly brief graphic narrative:

















Did life bring you something delicious this week?

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