Rogue Thoughts: A Guest Writer Wednesday Post

Rogue Thoughts, photo © Irene O’Garden, 2013,  Poem ©Robin O’Brien, 2013

Four days in Washington, DC and three of teaching poetry plumped my week beyond normal.  Though the busying tried to elbow out my Wednesday post,  I have some wise words to share  from Portland’s Robin O’Brien. For years she has ardently supported creativity in others. Now she’s making time for her own work. When we spoke last week, Boston achingly echoing in both of us, she read the following piece to me.



I wish I could reel in these rogue thoughts–

Sit them down at the table,

and teach them some manners.

They don’t belong here gathering angry steam

to vent at someone or other.

Come back here

I want to say.

Let’s find a way to know each other

Serve each other

Be catalysts for positive change

Not some random act of violence-

A desperate message from a nether world

Begging “pay attention”.


We are what we attend to.

Let’s love our children

Be kind

Accept differences,

And don’t let that rogue thought

Out of the room of self

Before transforming it,

Enlightening it,

Asking it why it is here

In the first place.


I’m proud to call her my sister.

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