Blessed By Nuisance

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PODCAST TO COME when Internet is returned to us–

Want to post my thanks that our experience with Hurricane Sandy was blessed by nuisance, and nuisance only. Same holds true for our loved ones and friends, as well.

Yes, on Monday night at 9:20, along with millions, we lost our electricity. (I never like to say we are without power.) And while we have a generator, it took a vacation this time around.

Tuesday morning we surveyed the damage–minimal. A big and longtime-leaning locust fell safely out of the way. A big maple split and the toppled half crumpled a section of deer fence, but that can wait. Big limbs and chunks of dead trees fell, but those too can wait. All the trees I wrote about last week–the handsome, stately chestnuts, catalpas, cedars, spruces–all still stand.

Nothing obstructed the driveway, so at yesterday at noon I drove to a distribution point established by our electrical utility. There they dispensed gallon jugs of drinking water and bags of dry ice so people could preserve their refrigerated food. Here you can see people giving and receiving help.

Sandy Helpers, photo & all text
© Irene O’Garden 2012



Dry Icers, photo © Irene O’Garden

As I write, our Internet service is still down. But our phone never went out. Astonishingly, our electricity returned yesterday afternoon at 4:20, before the generator guy could even get here. (Turns out the old gal needs a new motherboard. A nuisance, yes. But as my friend Tracy says, a quality problem.) Our hearts go out to those who are facing so much more.

Cabin Concussion, photo
© Irene O’Garden 2012

Most miraculous of all was the slight concussion suffered by my writing cabin. A dead tree fell across the roof peak. Rather than crushing it, however, the tree snapped like a breadstick. Leggy chunks slid forward and back off the roof. In the photo, you can see the little debris on the left of the roof, and the rest of the fallen tree behind the cabin. It only dislodged a bit of plaster inside, though the impact shook my calendar off the wall and tossed a little wooden banner to the floor. The banner, a copy of one I made for a friend’s birthday, says, “The Gift Of Time.” Glad we have been afforded more.

The Gift, photo © Irene O’Garden 2012







How did you and yours fare?

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