Maine Light: A Writer Wednesday Post

September 19th, 2012 | Posted by Irene in Essays - (6 Comments)

Please note: slightly different layout this week and no sound file because we are traveling–this program is a bit skittish on the road–thanks for your understanding.

How it begins is I want to share the light with you, the light of Maine, which first only seems translatable into breathtaking paint on canvas, canvases which line the gallery walls in compact fine museums here in Maine, a show of Frederic Church in one in Portland. Frederic Church who played the glowing Hudson Valley light by which I live, the Hudson Valley light which falls like a resonating chord, but the light of Maine he paints, and Winslow Homer and Frank W. Benson paint, strikes a clear arpeggio of separate tumbling notes.

By this light I want to share with you rich days of art, made into a perfect latte at Bard coffee in Portland, spun through Longfellow’s boyhood home there, breathing the air of old poetry in the room in which he wrote “Into each life some rain must fall,” flowing through the film “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” a day topped off by a dessert as light and joyful as the whimsy that inspired it: a carrot-cake soufflĂ©–all spicy delight and no heaviness, mascarpone sauce for the cream-cheese frosting, absolutely ethereal.

Blazing through the word-defying light of Maine, the clarity of Rachel Carson, the transformative power of her words and vision honored by marshlands preserved in her name, the light of early preservationists shining on the steep stone steps up Dorr Mountain in Acadia, sparkling into sweat-stung eyes at the summit, this light itself a very lens, magnifying, sharpening, the moment when the optician dials the wheel of lenses and says “How about now?” and you say, “Yes, that’s it.”

Light, art, beauty, nature, true love at your side: the light of travel at her best, by which we see in clarity the multiple channels beauty opens and cascades through, channels up through which our gratitude and joy travel back to Source, helping us hear inner promptings: talk to those people at breakfast, find out what you have to give and give it.






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