Springbrink, photo & all text ⓒ Irene O’Garden 2013


Surveying the soaky landscape that occasioned this photo last night, it’s hard to believe I was snowshoeing just a few days ago. (Give it a try –it’s easy, fun and a bit like having an all-terrain vehicle. With nothing more than a pair of giant feet and two ski poles, you can traverse piles of logs or rocks and power over terrain impasssable at any other time of year.)

Though ice is gone for the moment, here is the poem I planned to share with you this week. It was published in the Wawayanda Review, the annual journal of the Northeast Poetry Center’s College of Poetry.

To listen to it, please click here:Land Assessment




How many lives of every kind flip

and tunnel and green themselves here?

How many feathersnapping spillers

of song swoop, dart, and nestle?

How many whimmer-finned sleek

water bobbers swivel and flash?

How many bodylong bellies richen soil?

How many straight serene green branching

lumivores shade and anchor this earth?

How many clean humming lives skim

petalling shoulders? How many pinpoint

exhalations pierce the ice to breathe us into spring?



If you are in the mood to read a few of my poems about marriage, five of them were published last week in the online literary journal Foliate Oak. (“Canoeing” has made more than one person laugh.)

Thanks to the nearly 500 people who entered our “Forest, What Would You Like?” giveaway. If you did not win, you can buy a copy here: Barnes and Noble  Amazon. And, of course, please feel free to post a review on either site —

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