Accommodations: A Writer Wednesday Post

September 5th, 2012 | Posted by Irene in Uncategorized


Orange Mosaic Mandala, image & all text
©Irene O’Garden 2012

(Technical snafu this week! Sorry– will repost recorded version when I return)

Today I leave for Denver to perform a show there on Saturday night. “Stand-Up Dreams” sprung from reading from twelve years of my dream journals to my friend Scott. What if you took the most compelling, well-written dreams  and performed them like a stand-up comedy routine? So you get not only comedy, but drama, horror, sex, violence, and quirky imagery as well. One-stop entertainment shopping.

Happily for me, not only did Scott instantly grasp the idea, he offered to sonically accompany me, in what has turned out to be a fascinating score using ancient instruments, sound effects and recordings. A version of the mandala above will constitute our set.

Grateful as we are for them, the kind of accommodations on my mind this week are not Denver hotel rooms, but the inner accommodations we make for ourselves and one another.  Accommodation: the making space for.  The willingness to be patient and see what happens. The accommodation Scott offered me. Prerequisite for any kind of creativity, bedrock to any enduring relationship.

This idea was underscored in an excellent, vivid, gritty book I bought in Canada and just finished: Eating Dirt, by Charlotte Gill, about her experiences as a professional tree planter replanting clearcuts. In it, she talks about a phenomenon among trees of all kinds.  When they grow in groups, trees may overlap, but they stop short of touching each other, even in rain-forest canopies. It’s called crown shyness, (though it seems more like crown courtesy to me.)

It reminded me of one of the closing dreams in my show.  I find myself addressing the UN (!) saying that we live in a psychic library of cultures.  It’s important to preserve the volumes, even if we don’t want to read them all. And they can exist side by side, the way disagreeing books do.

Accommodation. I’m glad my dreams and friends make space for me, and glad that I make space for them.

What are you making space for this week?

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