Alice in Widowland

What’s the elephant in every marriage nobody talks about? Three-quarters of married women have or will experience widowhood. The achingly common trauma of losing a spouse is as shocking and disorienting as Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, with potentially deadlier consequences. How do women endure this tremendous loss?

Alice in Widowland explores this fearful territory with compassion, humor, and theatricality.

Rosa, a strong and sensitive Latina nurse in her forties, has just lost her husband in a sudden accident. Patty, a dynamic white real estate agent in her early seventies, attends the funeral, for Rosa cared for her husband during his long illness and death. “I’m two years ahead of you on the Widow Trail. Call me,” she tells Rosa.

As their friendship develops, we meet Dinah, a third widow, tortured by the facts of widowhood and her own terrible secret. These three women, together and separately, stagger forward on the trail of excruciating loss. Will Rosa be able to endure the pain, handle the obligations, and recover from a shocking discovery? Can Patty continue her life of independence? Will Dinah be able to survive her own bitterness?

Inspired by the book Beyond Widow, this unflinching look at the emotional and practical challenges of widowhood is punctuated throughout by surprising visitors and comic moments.

Three great roles for older actresses, a diverse cast, simple sets and costumes, and a running time of ninety minutes make this show eminently produceable. Older women buy a lot of theatre tickets. And they bring their friends.

According to the latest statistics, there are more than 11 million widows in the USA; 2800 new ones every day. Most feel invisible. Alice in Widowland can do for widows what Eve Ensler did for vaginas—making it possible for people to talk about them, appreciate them, love them.

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Alice in Widowland, A Play by Irene O'Garden

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