Handmade Books

The Codicils

I hand-lettered The Codicils on pieces of chamois-skin and strung them together on a bamboo framework. The piece is designed to feel as though it can travel with us wherever we go. Detail of The Codicils, by Jane Roberts: 64″ x 20″ Japanese stick ink and 22Kt-Gold lettered on chamois, with bamboo and leather supports.

Whitman Sampler

Whitman Sampler Candy Box. Hand-painted paper, Gocco-printed “chocolate” books with quotes by Walt Whitman. 

Sampler Handmade Book

Cookie That Moves Is a Girl

Incised neon plexi cover, copitic bound “window” pages of aluminum incised, dyed, and stitched to mylar. Text by artist.

Cookie Book Cover


Gloria: Book 3 1/2 ” x 6″, Folding box 4″x 6 1/2″ Handhold, incensed and dyed aluminum, stitched with metal thread, adorned with beads in a handmade box using silk-rayon and velvet.

The Gloria in a Box
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