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Glimpses host Matt Williams talks with Irene and John Pielmeier about the intricacies and challenges of writing, creativity, and the process of bringing words to life on the stage, and much more. 

Irene discusses how taking risks heals trauma with Heather McElhatton on A Beautiful World.

Host Cheryl Jones discusses with Irene how facing our challenges  leads to a greater joy in living.

Host Randi Fine talks with Irene about how to find genuine reasons to feel gratitude and hope, peace and joy, and gladness in being human. 

Host Kim Forrester talks with Irene about the importance of optimism and ‘the radiance of human existence’. 

Amber Lileystrom talks with Irene about Risking the Rapids on The Amber Lileystrom show.

When is a risk worth taking? This is the question Irene discusses in this interview with Debbie Phillips of Women On Fire.

Irene talks with with Cyrus Webb on Conversations Radio about her love of writing and her book Risking the Rapids.

“Do the tiniest thing in support of the person you want to become, and then do something else and then do another.”  An interview with Irene on The Rumpus.

Author on Air host Pam Stack talks with Irene O’Garden and John Pielmeier, one of the arts super couples, about their work which encompasses stage and screen.

Irene shares her thoughts about finding  joy in life despite difficult times and reads from her new book Glad to Be Human with host R. Winn Henderson, M.D.

Articles By Irene O'Garden

“First, the souvenirs: Copper Lady, Plastic Lady, Lady in the Snowball, coinbanks, cedarboxes, thick and tasseled pencils, placemats postcards mirrors spoons cups metal paper rubber bear her blue image. Also fries dogs …”  Continue reading . . .

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“Optimism does not mean we do not feel. We can feel sad and be optimistic, or feel angry and be optimistic. Optimism means that we anticipate a generally positive outcome from the experiences and events in our life.”  Continue reading . . . .

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