Risking the Rapids - How My Wilderness Adventure Healed My Childhood

I am eager to share that it is never too late to heal from family damage, that risk assists recovery and that being afraid is nothing to be afraid of.

I grew up in a repressed mid-century Midwest household with six other siblings, a TV-personality father, an icy mother and rivers of martinis. The shocking death of my problematic older brother in 2014 prompted me (at age 62) and other relatives to seek closure on a journey through the remotest spot in the lower forty-eight, Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness. What was described as a genial river “float” became a harrowing whitewater experience.

That story, braided with the narrative of my corrosive upbringing and subsequent healing, is told in this book.

“RISKING THE RAPIDS is a deep and powerful memoir. Irene O’Garden sifts through her family’s shared pain (and shared joy!) with elegance and care ― searching for nothing less than ultimate understanding and supreme forgiveness.”

Martha Beck – Author, Finding Your Own North Star

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