Fat Girl

For every woman who’s ever felt sad, bad, blue and mad about “overweight,” here’s a sharp Lily-Tomlinesque monologue on one woman’s triumph over guilt. FAT GIRL: One Woman’s Way Out (Harper San Francisco) chronicles my struggle and subsequent victory over a lifelong compulsive eating problem.

FAT GIRL is an artist’s approach to a problem that has been scienced to death. It focuses on feelings. The story is told in vivid images and emotions which involve the reader deeply, helping her face her own feelings about food and herself. In poetic prose and over fifty sensitive drawings, Irene O’Garden traces her journey from childhood through maturity, from guilt and self-loathing to discovery and joy. FAT GIRL is a fresh perspective on a common problem, and above all, a very loving book.

“Very moving. I couldn’t put down. I was impressed with the writing and the way O’Garden was able to write from inside addiction and make the mechanics of addiction clear. I know this is one of the books I’ll be buying by the dozen to give to people.” – Ellen Burstyn

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