A $116.00 Laugh and a Giveaway

Forest, What Would You Like


A brief post this week, as things are bookishly accelerating in preparation for the launch of “Forest, What Would You Like?” I am pleased to say that Holiday House, our publisher (the oldest house in the world devoted solely to children’s literature) has authorized me to run a giveaway of ten books through Goodreads, an excellent site for readers. Just click the button to the right to enter. Neither Goodreads nor I will use your email for anything other than this giveaway–it’s just to let people know about the book and give ten lucky winners something to share with a small friend on their lap. (If the button is not yet functional, it soon will be– Goodreads said it takes a day or two to verify everything.)

As for the $116 laugh,  John sent me this photo while I was on retreat. It was taken by a mechanic who discovered it during our routine car inspection.

While it looks as if our dog Bee were trying to conceal a serious habit, it is the work of smaller furry friends who raided the box of biscuits we keep for her in the car. The laugh was almost worth the $116 repair. Have a laughter-filled week–



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