“The Gates” Shimmer Still

That brilliant orange hit me like a bolt from the blue. Installations often leave me cold, but I gladly embraced New York in February to experience this artwork. Not just once, either. Again and again. Different times of day. Different weathers. Nine separate visits during the sixteen-day exhibit.

Unretouched: A Writer Wednesday Post

I often fiddle a bit with my photos—not much, but subtly increasing contrast or emphasizing a hue here or there to intensify what I perceive as their emotional impact. Not so with the photo above.

Intimate Privilege: A Writer Wednesday Post

Ever since I first learned to wash dishes and endure long car rides with siblings, I have dearly loved singing harmony. But I can’t join a conventional singing group. John and I travel so much that I would miss many rehearsals.

Fleet Perfection: A Writer Wednesday Post

At today’s end, I will have completed my calligraphic marathon.  Sign painting yielded to lettering on muslin for our annual Poetry Trail.  Visitors will arrive later to film a promo in my studio—more about this another time.

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