Reading Aloud: A Writer Friday Post

Dear Readers and Listeners–

Many of you have asked about my posts and have wondered what I’ve  been up to these days–

The answer is I am happy, healthy and engaged in creative activity, and thinking of you more often than you know.

One of my principal projects is my memoir-in-progress, Family Landscape. I was proud to be invited to participate in Writers Read, an exciting venture in Manhattan wherein writers read short theme-based pieces for a live audience (a kissing cousin to The Art Garden) The pieces are taped and then posted online.

The most recent theme was Siblings, and if you click on the link below, you will hear me read a first slice from Family Landscape.

You will also hear other remarkable writers and their brief essays on Siblings, by turns humorous, heart-wrenching and haunting.

Will I post again regularly? Too soon to tell–maybe synchopatedly.  Know that I do miss you, at my elbow, walking through the fields, through summer’s multiple intoxications, myriad as milkweed florets and their drunken pollinators who hum, chip and skitch above the distant whine of rubber meeting road. I miss you whispering which photograph to take, what is meaningful this week, what wants amplifying, magnifying.

A life of magnified meaning. Know I seek and find this,  whether you hear from me or not. And I hope you are doing the same.


More Reading aloud:

Tomorrow night I am glad to be reading new poetry as part of the marvelous annual Calling All Poets marathon in Beacon, NY. I’m on around 8pm. It would be great to see you!





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