Summery Remembrance: A Writer Wednesday Post

Wave Wake

Wave Wake, photo and all text ⓒ Irene O’Garden 2012

While we are in Niagra-On-the-Lake for our annual journey to the Shaw Festival, I offer you a summery remembrance: fishing with my Dad. This poem was first printed published in Compass Rose, a wonderful journal now online.

I’ll post again next week.



easy it enters

steady now
rocking from the dock
to the ribby chipped unbailed bottom
of the don’t forget the tacklebox
the coppertone the pipe tobacco
two pairs of shoes full of feet
a steady canvas gummybottom pair
two twirling bumptoed keds

bronze-red upturned outboard
sleek as a Zippo
as his Remington shaver
paddle dip paddle dip
tipping the propellor in
the gasoline rainbow spreading on the
surface of the pull and the pull
like a lawnmower cord
and the mixmaster buzz
and the gurglechurned duckweed
shoreline treeline timeline
shrinking in the sightline

shadowbottom clouds
the tremendous clouds in the breezeblue sky
and the snap of the sun on the wake
on the waves we make
as we fly through the watery way
to a shadowy bay
“looks promising today”

holler over the outboard motor
noisy as another set of siblings
persistent permanent clamoring yammery
finally stops
and the anchor drops


easy it enters

water softly
tapping reeds

tackle’s metal melody
plunge in the bucket
slithery wriggly minnows as
lively as fingers
hook him under the dorsal fin
so he can swim

the keds curl
the pierce of the hook in the heart

clickety whizz of the casting reel
ploop of the bobber
red and white
and red and white reflected
great wide glassy lake of nothing to be done

circling settling silt
round our shadows
on the water

skeetling skeetling
redyellow flash blackwing

scratch of a match
crackle of tobacco
draw through the stem
the flute blue sigh

wind through pines dragonfly

easy it enters

shadow twist light
love twist loss



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