Tadpoles: A Writer Wednesday Post

Terra Celestials photo and all text c Irene O’Garden 2012

I took this photo last year outside my husband’s office window.

Many thanks to all my readers for their warm response to last week’s post and Lauren’s plea for art. You have made a real difference in her life, as she has made a difference in ours. And now, a post as small as its subject:


“Every moment is important. Be aware every moment. Waste no time.”

An attitude I respect, but doesn’t Nature waste? Look at all those tadpoles!

Actually, Nature wastes only if we look with a narrow sense of destination.  All those little tadpoles don’t grow to be frogs. This may seem a waste of life, or at least froggishness, and therefore unimportant. But as a blackbird’s lunch, a raccoon’s dinner? Important from the standpoint of the hungry parties.

Tadpoles don’t become some inert useless thing. Waste may just be an exclusively human concept and, like all human concepts, limited. Nature’s waste is creative. And Nature’s creativity is never wasted.

Creativity is Nature’s nature, hence ours. No reason not to create because we fear it will be wasted. That’s asking every tadpole to turn frog. You never know who or what depends on your creations. Let your little tadpoles swim.


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