Elemental Sentiment: A Writer Wednesday Post

Elemental Sentiment, photo, lettering and text © Irene O’Garden 2013

Mercury is now in retrograde. According to star folk, it’s a good time to be flexible, since travel, computers, plans and communications can veer a bit awry. Intuition is high, extraordinary coincidences may surface and you may bump into long-lost friends. Not that I’m hook, line and sinker into this, but I did run into long-time-no-see-Susanna on Monday, and three friends are now messing with glitchy technology.

It’s a propitious period to review projects and plans (though not finalize them) and to reflect on the past. Good time for files and old notebooks, I thought. While shelving them in my new studio, I found this old piece of calligraphy. It propelled me past my own past, through our human past, and slid me right down the banister of evolution into the great biological soup some say bubbled into cellular life. (Which has as lovely a mythological timbre to me as Mercury in retrograde.)

For me, mythology is truth too big to fit inside the facts. Just as life is more than bodies. Just as the elemental sentiment above is known beyond us, known by all our cellular relatives. Including the dear old plant who asked to illuminate the border. She’s blessed my blessed life for forty years.

Have you been reflecting lately?

Im happy to say I will be joining other readers for the A Slant of Light reading at the East Fishkill Library tonight, Wednesday Oct 23 A Slant of Light coverfrom 7-8. I’m pleased my poem “What You Will Believe” is included in this marvelous anthology of Hudson Valley Women Writers.

If you are unable to make tonight, I will also be at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY for their reading on Friday the first of November also at 7. Hope to see you there! If not, you can order the book now from this fine independent bookstore.

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