Pro-Am Week: A Writer Wednesday Post

 OurChair, photo and all text © Irene O’Garden

For the ungolf-ic, (like myself) a Pro-Am tournament  teams professionals with amateurs. Which well-characterizes my week.

At our local high-school production of “Our Town” last Saturday night,  a young actress reserved this chair next to me for her father, her wording a testament to the enduring inspiration of this 75-year-old play, presented here for two nights only.

Some performers were louder than others. Some more expressive, more skilled. But skill is not all.

I wrote of a derailment earlier this year and about a local death just a few weeks ago. Shockingly, both happened again. The NBC technician who lost his life in the recent Metro-North accident was married to a wonderful member of our community.  On Friday, over a thousand of us stood hours in bonechilling rain to offer respect and condolences.  Many, that night and the next, came to the play.

World-class performances are ours at the press of a button, but no professional company could have offered more healing than our own young students, newly scalded by death, finding and sharing the balm of art. The beautiful widow and one of her sons sat in front of me.

I planned to end this post there, but last night I heard two brilliant literary professionals. The New York Public Library hosted Elizabeth Gilbert and Ann Patchett, (so polished and radiant I could not capture them in a photo.)

Their  lively conversation sparkled with wisdom, humor and insight, some of the finest gifts professionals offer. (To say nothing of their wonderful new books: The Signature of All Things and This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage.) Watch/listen to their nourishing conversation here while wrapping presents, if you like.

Pro-Am Week: amateurs with the rigor of professionals, professionals with the vigor of amateurs. A beautiful continuum.


Have you enjoyed an amateur or professional this week?


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Also, a reader reminded me to tell you that Forest, What Would You Like? makes a delightful Christmas present, and Glad To Be Human is a meaningful piece to read aloud at holiday time. My media advisor tells me to ask those who have read either to kindly post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads on my behalf. Many thanks!


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