Felicity: A Writer Wednesday Post

Felicity, photo and all text © Irene O’Garden, 2014

I offer you a quiet wish from my retreat: felicity.  One illustration of same is the image above, composed of two recent birthday gifts.

My dear friend Tracy brought me the hand-carved owl from Pipestone, Minnesota, site of an ancient quarry, sacred to Native Americans. The special red stone there has been used to create ceremonial pipes since prehistoric times. My father (a pipe-smoker himself) loved visiting this area.

The two knitted, felted bowls were made by my gifted sister Robin. You can feel her warm embrace as you hold them, soft as owl-down.

Two gifts, perfect for each other. Both relate to my family, about whom I now write.  Happy concord: the very portrait of a writer on retreat, seeking her wisdom, finding her nest. Felicity.



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