Straw into Gold: A Writer Wednesday Post

Paper Trees, art and photo by Orion Langdon, © 2014

As I was considering whether or not to post from my retreat, this mesmerizing photograph arrived. It is a detail from an art installation created by artist Orion Langdon, who is also a gifted writer and musician. If he were your nephew, you’d post this, too.

Once I expressed my admiration, I asked him about the construction. “What did you use? Did you have to glue a lot?”

” No glue at all, actually,” he replied. “I cut my trees out of discarded books. Then I used a single piece of thread for each one and suspended them from a net, so there were even distribution options.”

Below, his installation:

Paper Trees installation, art and photo © Orion Langdon, 2014


Simple, artful, elegant. Cost-free.

A pile of old books, a spool of thread, a net.  These are articles from fairy tales–to make beauty from them seems an impossible witch’s command. But with faith in the magical powers of creativity, Langdon has spun this straw to gold.

When we so sensitively re-envision and reclaim that which is discarded, it more than good for the Earth. It is good for the soul.


Did you look at anything with new eyes today?

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