Rosemary and Lavender: A Writer Wednesday Post

 Rosemary and Lavender, photo and all text © Irene O’Garden, 2013

A poignant week. Aunt Rosemary, whom you met in my December post Peaceful Balance, passed away this week. She had the grace to do so on her 91st birthday, thereby not spoiling another day for those who love her.  On May 2nd, it’s her birth we’ll commemorate.

I had already planned to write about a related topic after recently visiting a friend we hadn’t seen since her husband’s memorial last year. We talked of her mother who died years ago. “Sometimes I smell her perfume,” Patty said. “When there’s no scent in the air.  I smell English Lavender so clearly, and I know it’s her.”

What if there are energies wanting to connect, to tell us they are near, and yet they cannot take us by the elbow, soothe our brow, place an arm around our shoulder? Without physicality, by means of consciousness, they pass a charge though our brain that we interpret as a scent. More evocative than the circuitry of sound or vision, scent carries gardens of experience.

What a powerful way to greet us, using senses without a physical object to stimulate them! So what really is a sense if we can sense what is “not there?” Perhaps the difference is in our definition of “there.” Perhaps all “there” is “here,” as all “them” is actually “us.”

Such gifts are found in the open doorway between our inner senses and our outer ones.

I deeply inhale the crisp refreshing scent of Rosemary, for remembrance, knowing it bears special meaning from now on.


Have you had such an experience?


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